Seth is a research based draftsman and installation artist living and working in Newberg, Oregon.

Seth (b. Virginia, 1991) studied Fine Art at Asbury University before receiving an MFA degree at Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2016. His works span from large-scale drawing and woodworking to invitational experiences - all aimed at understanding and navigating the relationship between an Individual and their surroundings. His work has won awards including the SMFA Presidential Research Award and the Montague Travel Grant for international research. He exhibits his work in solo and group shows at private galleries, universities, museums, and pop-up shows across the country.

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Latest News

30 April - 13 May, 2017 Seth has been invited to create a permanent installation, A Living Room, at the Open Wabi Residency this summer.

17 May - 20 May, 2016 The Cyclorama Show features film/video, painting, performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and more from the 2016 graduating MFA students of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Seth’s thesis work, collectively titled A Drawing Room, investigates the construction of ideas and objects through Individual mark. The works span large-scale drawing, woodworking, and invitational experience to set aside a space for communion in an attempt to re-democratize this historically creative and academic space. The show's public reception will be held on 20 May at the Cyclorama from 7:30pm to 10pm.

27 Feb - 21 August, 2016 Drawing Connections is a group exhibition featuring new works that specifically explore and respond to objects in the MFA collections and the architecture of the institution through varied drawing practices. The show is curated by John McCool, Gabriel Sosa, and Seth Van Der Eems through the Students Curate Students collaboration between The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the School.

Recent Exhibitions

Cyclorama Show: A Drawing Room Cyclorama, Boston, MA - 5/2016

Graduating Students Show SMFA Grossman Gallery, Boston, MA - 5/2016

Drawing Connections MFA Courtyard Gallery, Boston, MA - 3/2016

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